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Frank Ostrich Feather Duster

Well, you, our precious FlyBabies, have been asking for one or both of these dusters to make a return, and we have been listening. This luxurious, voluptuous, soft, exquisite feather duster is finally back. Floss feathers have the best cleaning properties. The Premium Feather Duster is approximately 30 inches tall, measuring from the bottom of the wooden handle to the feathers' tips. From the top of the collar that holds the feathers to the feathers' tips, it is approximately 14 inches long, and from the bottom of the wooden handle to the top of the collar that holds the feathers, it is approximately 16 inches.

The reason that an ostrich feather duster works is because there are no oils in the feathers.

The fine feathers grab the dust and hang onto it. You just brush the feathers back and forth; there is no right or wrong way to use it. When you are finished, you take the duster outside and shake it briskly to get rid of the dust "Bless the World! Caring for your Premium Feather Duster When it arrives, remove the wrapper. Fluff your Premium Feather Duster with a blow dryer, or you can run it across the steam from a tea kettle, and then fluff it with the blow dryer. You should bathe your Premium Feather Duster from time to time about once or twice a year by adding just a drop of soap and water to them, wash gently with your hands, and roll in a towel to get some of the water out.

Then blow dry. These dusters are made from natural ostrich feathers, so you will want to bathe it from time to time following the process above to keep it from molting. South African ostrich feather dusters were developed in Johannesburg , South Africa by missionary, broom factory manager, Harry S.


Beckner in He felt that the Ostrich feathers made a convenient tool for cleaning up the machines at the broom factory. His first ostrich feather dusters were wound on broom handles using the foot powered kick winders and the same wire used to attach broom straw. The Chicago Feather Duster Company was established in They received a patent for the head of the duster on September 17, along with a patent for the cuff on December 22, The first ostrich feather duster company in the United States was formed in by Harry S.

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The feather duster was considered a status symbol in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There are several types of feathers used in feather dusters, but ostrich feathers are most often used. Feathers for dusters are the ostrich family's most valuable industrial commodity. Black ostrich feathers come from the male ostrich and are very soft with feathers that are more "stringy" in nature.

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Gray ostrich feathers are more stark than the black feathers and are often sold at grocery stores. Floss ostrich feathers are the most soft and delicate feathers and come from underneath the bird's wings.

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  • Floss ostrich feathers are more expensive. Chick feathers are more pointed and stark than ostrich feathers, are usually sold at very low prices. Throughout China and Thailand, feather dusters are normally made of chicken feathers.

    Two Minute Dusting Challenge

    They are attached to a length of bamboo, and unlike Western dusters, are commonly present along most of the stick rather than just the end. Ostrich feather dusters are effective by means of the tiny barbules on the feathers themselves that act as fingers to collect the dust. They are often used around electronics because of their resistance to static electricity.

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