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Arcangelo Corelli , Concerto da chiesa 5 in Bb op.

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Sunday Baroque Holiday Gift List. Peter Philips c. William Byrd c. Alessandro Marcello , Trumpet Concerto in c orig.

François Couperin: Les Lis naissans (for harpsichord)

Johann Ludwig Bach c. Gaspar Fernandes c. Voyager Music Disc. Bach — Brandenburg Concerto 2, first movement. Giovanni Battista Buonamente c. Anthony Holborne c. Tomaso Albinoni , Concerto 8 in g Op.

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Walter Lambe c. Giuseppe Valentini c. Adrian Willaert c. Johann Rosenmuller c.

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Andrea Gabrieli c. Robert White c. Adam Falckenhagen , Sonata 6 in d minor op. Arcangelo Corelli , Violin Sonata 8 in e op.

Early Music America — Festival Calendar. Sheet music is easily obtainable. Prefatory material includes a necessary explication of ornaments, along with a glossary.


Some favorite pieces can be downloaded free of charge from specialty Internet sites. Some reissued excerpts exist. However, interpretative panache is always an important consideration, and we should be grateful to Harmonia Mundi for the invigorating Rousset reissue. It would seem that pianists prefer samplers, whereas harpsichordists take ordres on in their entirety. Hewitt, who tackles several complete ordres among scattershot excerpts, is more successful when aiming at completeness. Recent movie soundtrack appearances include Marie Antoinette.

Hewitt applies heavy pedal The best pacing would reel it in close to the two-minute mark, and it can indeed be performed on the piano, but with sparing pedal. No one knows for sure. Perhaps the title refers to a contemporaneous stage play. An eminently practical musician, Couperin encourages players to alter the octave of either hand. In fact, he was generous with respect to what instruments could play his music.

Recorded several months later Vol. It stays in the lower half of the keyboard, never venturing far above middle C. She was a gifted harpsichordist and composer, known for her delicacy and brilliance. For her, Couperin writes a rondeau with a chromatic descending bass and three couplets, the last of which shows both of these qualities. Obviously it was just as important then as now to get up in the morning, even with a hangover. The hardest thing here is to play all the trills in the tempo that the music demands.

Rousseau states in his dictionary of that chaconnes used to be in either two or three beats to a bar, but that those in duple time were now extinct. Austerity was the order of the day, as France was then involved in the War of the Spanish Succession. The refrain of the chaconne is interspersed with five couplets, and the noble, rather gloomy character remains throughout.

The opening piece in this ordre — Les Graces incomparables ou La Conti not recorded here — is a depiction of him and his unaffected manners. He was also in love with the married Duchesse de Bourbon, with whom he had an affair that lasted until death. This is musically one of his most interesting pieces, and is in two distinct parts.

The first, marked majestueusement majestically , could be a portrayal of a wedding ceremony with the descending peal of bells heard for a fleeting moment.

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But then the mood changes abruptly: marked galamment gallantly , the descending figure is now joyous, jaunty, and accompanied by the interrupted drone of the bagpipe an erotic symbol at the time. Some kind of whirling dance is suggested for sure. She was a gifted child who sang, danced, played the harpsichord and flute, and also composed. At the age of nine she performed for the King.

For her, Couperin wrote one of his loveliest rondos, full of tenderness and grace. That is one quality that is really possible to bring out when playing Couperin on the piano. There are ways, of course, of being expressive on the harpsichord and they are many and varied. But the piano has the potential to go one step further in making a phrase expressive. Couperin was the epitome of grace, of light and shade, of subtle inflections, of melancholy and lightheartedness.

Above all, Couperin wanted music to affect people:. Pour Wilfrid Mellers:. Surtout, il voulait que la musique touche les gens:. Jede Variation beschreibt eine Figur, die auf einem Maskenball erscheint.

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Dann erscheint Bescheidenheit in Rosa, gefolgt von Inbrunst in einem fleischfarbenen Mantel. Und nach der Treue? Koketterie mit ihren diversen Farben wunderbar dargestellt durch die drei unterschiedlichen Taktarten in den ersten vier Takten bringt etwas Schwung ins Geschehen. Die schweigende Eifersucht in maurischem Grau begibt sich in einer sehr unheilvollen Variation in die Tiefen der Tastatur. Raserei bzw. Verzweiflung ist die letzte Figur, die auftritt — in Schwarz.