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It is a risk. This is a wonderful opportunity to control our body, improving — if we practice this control in a smart way — our quality of life.

Learn to breathe deeply

Think about how voluntary and conscious breathing can influence how we breathe when we do it automatically. In this way, we improve our blood pressure, heart rate, circulation, digestion and many other bodily functions. Now, it is very possible that one of our readers will wonder if there is any scientific evidence that deep breathing is really as positive and beneficial as Eastern cultures say.

5 Reasons to Breathe Your Way to a Simpler Life

When we breath deeply, but above all slowly, we get oxygen to truly reach the cells and keep the level of blood CO2 from dropping. This strategy would have many more benefits if we got used to doing this daily, so that it becomes a habit. Just as we mentioned at the beginning, people tend to breathe around 16 to 17 times per minute. Your email address will not be published.

Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life | Yoga Chicago

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The Breathing Exercise That Will Change Your Life

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December 10, Breathing , Exercises. Share Post on:.

Share on facebook. Share on google. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Some of you have probably tried them, too. But there is one thing you need to know! So lets begin: Step 1 Stop doing anything and sit down. Keep your back straight. Step 2 Keep your eyes open. There is no need to control or fight them. Step 3 Let go of what you know.

Let it flow naturally. It could be intensive or relaxed, let it be as it is.

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None of that is actually real. Conclusion Any effort we use to get rid of our problem will only make it stronger. This is an advanced understanding of breathing. The desire for washboard abs and being thin force many to breathe shallowly and in their chest. Simply breathing like that adds to stress and anxiety just because you are not getting sufficient oxygen.

Let those bellies hang out and breathe people! Toggle navigation. Infographic Category Health. Follow Us.