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Have Institutional Access? The Catalan independence movement is deeply divided between pragmatists and idealists and the optimism inherent in the movement since has been shattered. However, the grievances that produced the turn to secession in Catalonia have not even begun to be addressed and no meaningful resolution of the Catalan question will occur until the Madrid government recognises that it is a political problem.

A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Andrew Dowling , Cardiff University. A protest on March 25 in Catalonia against the arrest of Carles Puigdemont. Read more: Catalonia's cultural struggle against Madrid goes back centuries Opinion polls aside, there has never been a majority support for independence in any regional election held since , leading to a questionable legitimacy.

Read more: Why independence movements in Scotland and elsewhere are tongue-tied over Catalonia With Spain hostile, any separation of Catalonia could only be highly destabilising, with potential knock on effects in a Europe gradually recovering from the financial crisis. You might also like One side of the argument. Celebrations in Barcelona on October 27 were shortlived.

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Sie lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Seoul. Oktober ab Oktober Here they will be hosting the majority of the MPA-B programme as well as a wealth of other events, coordinated activities and spontaneous actions.

Full text of "Anthology of German poetry from Hölderlin to Rilke in English translation"

The Month of Performance Art-Berlin MPA-B is a day, city-wide, non-profit and non-funded collaborative platform devoted to supporting and advancing independent performance art practices in Berlin, and from around the world. It showcases new work of artists, curators and organisers who have been involved in the incredible story called MPA—B at different junctions over the past five years.

This edition marks the completion of the platform and the five year inquiry that stood at its outset back in January mapping, connecting and supporting the independent performance art scene in Berlin. As a performance art platform, MPA-B embraces the task to imagine an infinite number of possible natures and to respect the integrity of all artists and their belief in what they do — that their art is a necessity. To see these performances is to witness them, and witnessing them over the years we develop a vocabulary to communicate and share our own thoughts and emotions with our fellow witnesses.

We are thrilled to once again be initiators and participants in this process of building a language or, rather, many languages.

This year will, more than ever, challenge the participating venues throughout the city to confront their different views on the complex relations between economics, social context, and aesthetics. Arabischen Filmfestival Berlin. Neun Fotografen, neun Themen, neun Welten. The history of collage dates back to the invention of paper more than two thousand years ago.

In the visual arts, the technique of assembling different forms, materials and ideas became prominent among painters and sculptors during the early stages of 20th century modernism. Ever since, collage art has developed into new dimensions by means of photography, video and performance. Berlin — die Stadt, die niemals gleich bleibt. Altes wurde durch Neues ersetzt oder neu gestaltet und neu belebt. Neues nahm sich Platz, wo Altes nicht mehr war.

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So gelingt es Anja Gersmann, die Licht- wie auch die Schattenseiten des Wandels sichtbar werden zu lassen. Zugleich stellen sie die Frage, welche Richtung der Wandel nimmt. Die traditionelle Vorstellung von Stadt und Region als geschlossene Einheit mit klar erkennbaren Eigenschaften existiert nicht mehr. Fortschreitende transnationale Migrationsprozesse setzen neue Wertvorstellungen und Alltagswelten.

Die Studierenden der Kunsthochschule Kassel untersuchen diese unerforschten Territorien. Stefan Rotter, Bernstein Center Freiburg. Zur Vernissage am Wie machen Tiere Geschichte? Der Kluge Hans lebte ca. Sie umfassen ortsspezifische Klanginstallationen, Performance und freie Improvisationen, Radiokunst, Fotografie und Videokunst ebenso wie experimentelle Rockmusik. Vernissage Sie arbeiten im sogenannten Herzland engl. Die Menschen haben Zeit, ihr Alltag ist langsamer.


Sie haben einen teils indianischen, teils afro-amerikanischen Hintergrund oder sind Einwanderer erster, zweiter, dritter Generation. Vielleicht wie ein mystischer Themenpark in dem Maschinen die Natur ersetzt haben? Ballard, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick u. What is our current vision for a perfect world? What does it look like now that our universal utopias have come into disuse, with God having been disestablished? Maybe it is a mystical theme park with automation as a substitute for nature? In the year zero, the artist casts paradise as a surrealistic Disneyland in white and pink; the room is set alive by way of electronic machines made out of electric knives, ventilators, and record players.

The neon light, the music composition, the voice from the megaphone, the sound of the motors, the sculptures that move mechanically: it all adds up to a bizarre vision, what a perfect world could look like in the future. Ballard, Aldous Huxley, and Philip K. Dick, amongst others.

In her environment she creates bizarre, surrealistic worlds with numerous references: the theme park and the funfair, Louise Bourgeois and David Lynch, mass production and Japanese anime. The material she uses consists of electronic household devices, neon light, and her own musical composition. Opening with performance by ANY vocal noise music opening hours: 7. Im Zentrum steht dabei die einzigartige Form der Vermittlung von Klangprojekten durch die visuelle Gestaltung.

Sie gewannen diverse Preise bei nationalen und internationalen Plakatwettbewerben. Neben den Druckerzeugnissen bieten Mediapoints mit aufbereitetem Ton- und Bildmaterial einen Einblick in die einzelnen Ausstellungsprojekte. Klangkunst gilt als ephemere Kunst, ihre Werke als nicht reproduzierbar.

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Auf diese Weise entstand ein umfangreiches Projektarchiv, das in singuhr on paper vorgestellt wird. All of them are known as representatives of the Spanish post-conceptual Figuration or are close to it. All of the shown works - mostly paintings but also an installation and a video - concentrate on architecture and spatial geometry: as main motiv, background, frame or as symbolic element.

The exhibition is supported by the Spanish ministry of culture, education and sport in co-operation with the Spanish embassy in Berlin and the Instituto Cervantes Berlin. Mai, Samstag 4. Mai, Sonntag 5. Kontakt: Andrea van Reimersdahl mail van-reimersdahl.

Synonyms and antonyms of Selbstunfall in the German dictionary of synonyms

Weitere Informationen: www. Pressekontakt: Denhart von Harling, segeband. September Gr. August , 18 Uhr. Samstag, Mai , 14 — 20 Uhr Mehr Info unter: www. Mai, h Special Event: Matinee April , ab 19 Uhr April , Do. Season-Opening at Meinblau! Friday Hours: Mon - Sun September um 19 Uhr ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Meinblau Projektraum Christinenstr. Gonzalo Reyes Araos gonzalo-ra. Robert Lippok Klanginstallation April, - 18 Uhr Finissage: Sonntag, April Do. Versuch von Demian Kern bis 2.

April 3. Versuch von Julian Breuer bis 9. Leitung: Demian Kern www. September -

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